Trolley Deluxe Accessory Kit

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Trolley Deluxe Accessory Kit


This is a great addition to the Heavy Duty Red Machine Trolley

By installing this kit on your trolley, it ensures that contents (i.e. machines) will not slip off the edge of the trolley


This kit contains the following items;

2 x 710mm Aluminium Trim (PreDrilled)

2 x 385mm Aluminium Trim (PreDrilled)

8 x Rivets


NOTE: You will need a Rivet Gun 

Instructions to install kit

1. Align trim on top edge of assmbled trolley (U face down)
2. Use 3.5mm drill bit to make hole in top of trolley (aligning existing holes)
3. Use rivet gun to insert rivets and lock trim in place


Manufacturer Part Number: TDK

SKU: 9903000835


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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