Switch 2 Way Small Black w Green button

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Product Overview

Switch 2 Way Small Black w Green button

It has 3 connections coming in from the back.

On / Off function suitable for Auger, Light, mode switches

Also appropriate for Refrigeration and Freeze Switches where they appear separate (older versions - Granitime 2/FF).


If unsure which model you have, please contact us anytime for confirmation.


Note: There may be slight variation between button shape of new (slightly rounded) and old switch (more square), both fit machine as outer switch casing is the same dimensions. If you require a certain style please specify.


Manufacturer Part number: SL38AC1130V

SKU: 5013920321

Colour: Black with Green button

Mounting hole: 11x30mm

Button: Silk screen printing 0 - I with indicator light




(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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