SPM Rulon Bushing with Silicone Seal - TSS

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200 Grams
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SPM Rulon Bushing with Silicone Seal - TSS (Upgraded)

Suits SPM i-Pro, GT Push, GT Touch, Sorby Dream, Ice Dream, Ice Peak, Ice Boom, Nina, Nino, ID3.1 Water and most SPM model machines


This part is responsible for holding the shaft in place and stops liquid leaking into the machine.

This is not the OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer.

This one is made in Australia which we believe is better as it has the original brass core.

Manufacturer Part number: 05.BA0150.002, 02.BA0030.001

SKU: 2104030002

Colour: White

Material: Plastic Casing, Brass Bushing Screw, Rubber Seal

Includes Silicone Seal (O-Ring)


MOST IMPORTANT: Ensuring that no liquid gets into the inside of your machine is crucial and will definitely reduce the life of your machine if it does.


Therefore, it is best to service your machine every 1 to 2yrs by replacing the Rulon Bushing and auger seals.


This is like servicing your car, service it or risk expensive repairs in the future



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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