SPM Auger Seal

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10 Grams
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Product Overview

Auger Seal also known as the Auger Suction Gasket. 

This part is to suit the SPM Slushie Machine, it prevents liquid leaking into the inside of the machine, which will eventually cause issues. 

Manufacturer Part Number: 02.BA0025.001

SKU: 2104025001

As this is a moving part, it is best to regularly lubricate this seal which in turn will increase its longevity.

Depending on the product that is used in the machine, below is a guideline in regards to how often these seals should be replaced

Powdered or Milk Based Product - Should ideally be replaced every 6 months or

Water/Juice Based - Should ideally be replaced every 12 months.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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