Protective Switch Cover - Large

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Protective Switch Cover - Large

This cover is designed to protect the main power switch (wide/double size)


Manufacturer Part number: SL330000096, 355009300 

SKU: 5013330096

Position Number in Exploded Diagram: GT59a

Colour: Clear / Black

Material: Rubber / Plastic

Size:  22x30mm


This product is compatible between many machines that contain a double switch including;  Astoria CMA, Cunill (Citrus Squuezer), Elektra (Coffee Machine), Fiorenzato (Coffee Grinder and Grinder Assenbly), GBG (Evo, Granicream, Granismart, Spin), Rancilio (Grinder Assembly), Sencotel (GB, GHZ, GSM Ranges), Vibiemme (Grinder Assembly), Wega (Electrical System), Icetro / JetIce.


Associated Part numbers with this product include;

SPCL 355009300 3319501 GT59a SL330000096 9049, 02198035, A2800052, 86134002, 34030131, MACCCOVPVCVB, WY19049


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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