. PLA Biodegradable Eco-straw Black Spoon Straw (Qty 2,500)

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PLA Biodegradable Eco-straw Black Spoon Straw (Ctn 2,500) 10 packs of 250

Spoon straws suitable for Slushie / Slush / Slushy type drinks - Sip and Scoop capability as well as good for the environment. Paper just does not cut it. Not only are they not as nice in between the lips but they don't last or able to use the as you can a PLA Eco-Biodegradable Spoon straw. 

Type: Spoon Straws

Colour: Black

Length of straw = 207mm, Width/Dimeter of straw is 6.0mm (spoon part is wider approx 16.5mm)



Why we believe the PLA ECO-STRAW is the best Straw:

Brilliant quality 

Spoon Straw makes Sipping and Scooping and the drinking experience more enjoyable.

Fully biodegradable

Pleasant in the mouth (Paper not suitable for many applications/products )

Classy black colour, but obvious to see hence less likely to be disposed of correctly.


Black spoon straw 207mm x 6mm. Straw with a spoon at one end, suitable for Slushies and frozen ice drinks. Aussie first - industrial compostable PLA spoon straw.

NEW PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) straws made with Natur-tec BF703B resin - ie Vegetable Starch.

Carton of 2500 (10 packs of 250).

Natur-Tec BF703B is a fully biodegradable/compostable biopolymer, fully certified to the stringent requirements of international standards for compostable plastics, such as ASTM D6400, EN 13432 and ISO 17088, and therefore provide an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plastics. This product has a shelf life of approximately 12 months from date of manufacture. We have introduced this new range for those looking for a commercially compostable, biodegradable straw, that is user friendly with all beverages including High Acid Juices.


  • Packaging - requirements for packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation;
  • Biodegradation. (Natur-tec BF703B);
  • ASTM D6400 AND/OR D6868;
  • USA and EU FDA approvals For Plastics coming into contact with Food;
  • (EU) 10/2011 amended by (EU) 2015/174, (EC) 1935/2004 and FDA food contact regulations.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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