Old Bras Ugolini MT/GL Internal Scraper Element

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Old Bras Ugolini MT/GL Internal Scraper Element


Plastic internal scraper fit on the metal shaft from the inner scraper and assists to scrap ice off the inside of the evaporator. 


This part only suits models produced before the magnetic drive shaft system.


Part Number: 22800-15800 also 02800-15800

Position Number in Exploded Diagram: 12

SKU: 1007999034


Material: Plastic

Colour: White


Width: 100mm

Length: 80mm

Depth: 100mm


Usually used with the following 2 parts;

Old Bras Ugolini MT/GL External Mixer

Old Bras Ugolini MT/GL Inner Scrapper on Shaft


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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