Kenta No 1 Gear (Old)

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Kenta Gear No 1 (Old Style)

84 Gear Teeth  6mm thick cog

Suits rotor with crankshaft with 7 cogs

Manufacturer Part Number: 1212043 

SKU: 3509540011

Note: When you look at the old #1 cog on the side the gear protrudes slightly on one side. (The new#1 is flush)

Note: The old #1 is thinner than the new #1 (old #1 = 6mm  : new #1 = 8.15mm)

Suitable to fit into the old style Kenta Gear Box (K9357511)

Material: Plastic 

The Kenta gear boxes are generally found in the GBG, Sencotel, Carpigiani, Spin, Cab Faby, SPM, Elmeco and many more Slushie Machines.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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