Kenta NEW Gear Box Short Shaft with Impeller - ($325 w T/I)

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Kenta Gear Box - K9357502


Used in CAB Faby, CAB Skyline and SPM Slushie Machines 

Short Shaft with Impeller(Fan blade to cool the stator) *** Important for the CAB Slushie machine ***

Dual Voltage Model suitable for Australian and USA markets Voltage: 220/240v & 110/120v


NOTE: For SPM Slushie Machines we recommend the Elco Short Shaft Gear Motors rather than the Kenta as we believe the Elco is a more durable design. The Elco motors gears have the bearings attached to both sides of the gear for stability, where as the Kenta gear comes on a post and therefore can wear quicker.


Kenta Manufacturer Part number: K9357502

GBG Manufacturer Part number: SL3MS4M015C

SKU:  3509357502 

Kenta Range: K935 

Shaft Length Extruding from Casing: 25mm 

Voltage: 220/230/240v & 110/115/120v



Want to save yourself some money?

Easy, just send in your old gear box* for a $50 cash back redemption upon return.

*Gearbox must be complete (it doesn't necessarily have to be working)


Make a note in special instruction on for a free return satchel or CALL US on 1300 175 874


(No reviews yet) Write a Review