Kenta NEW Gear Box (Long Shaft) - $325 w T/I

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2,300 Grams
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Kenta NEW Gear Box (Long Shaft) 

Manufacturer Part Number: 3340194 SL310001422 K9357511

SKU: 3509357511

Voltage: 230v & 115V - Dual Voltage Model suitable for Australian and USA markets

The Kenta Gear Boxes (K935 Range) has been designed to economically fulfill the applications requiring high-performance levels, silent operation and total reliability for a long time.

NOTES: However, we do recommend the Elco Gear Motors rather than the Kenta as we believe the Elco is a more durable design. 

With the Elco motors the gears have the bearings attached to both sides of the gear for stability, where as the Kenta gear comes on a post and therefore can wear quicker.

To suit GBG, Sencotel, Granistar, Granitime, Granisherbert, Granimix, Multistar Slushie Machines

Want to save yourself some money?

Easy, just send in your old gear box* for a $50 cash back redemption upon return.

*Gearbox must be complete with all components (it doesn't necessarily have to be working).


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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