Kenta Gear No 4 Short Shaft

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200 Grams
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Kenta Gear No 4 Short Shaft

Suitable to fit into the Kenta Gear Box (K9357502 K9357503 K9357511)

Manufacturer Part Number: KG4SS 935 Z45

SKU: 3509540047

Large cog: 47mm

Thickness of large cog (45 teeth):  5mm

Thickness of complete gear: 16mm

Full Shaft Length (including gear): 77mm

Shaft Length: Approx 47mm from Gear Short 

When in gearbox, this short shaft protrudes approx 25mm from front casing.

Has Circlip on Rear Side

Material: Metal 

The Kenta gear boxes are generally found in the GBG Spin, Faby, SPM, Elmeco and other Slushie Machines.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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