Icetro / Jetice - Shaft Bushing

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100 Grams

Product Overview

Icetro / Jetice Shaft Bushing -Came in CLEAR and BLACK. These item are NO LONGER AVAILABLE


This part is not produced by the manufacturer anymore.

It has been replaced with the new set up;

Shaft Bushing White Inner and Shaft Bushing Red Outer

Note: you will also need to replace the Auger Seal to the Shallow Style design to ensure no leakage into your machine

Auger Seal Version A Shallow Style


SKU: 314007700

Also, we recommend to do BOTH tanks if you have a twin bowl to ensure not getting them mixed up.

These important pieces prevents liquid getting inside the machine as well as holding the shaft correctly in place. 

Remember to put Taylors Food Grade lube on the face of the Auger seal every time you clean the machine.


Parts to suit models such as: GL2012, SSM52, SSM180, SSM280, SSM420, ASM52, ASM180, ASM280, ASM420, Jet Ice Slush Machine, ICETRO


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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