Icetro / Jetice - Service Technician Kit

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S/T Kit Jetice
6,500 Grams
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Product Overview

Icetro / Jetice Service Technician Kit - SAVE OVER 30%


This has been designed for a service technician to be able to go out and be able to fix most issues onsite.

Ultimately it will save you time by reducing the amount of travel (back and forth). It is a great starter kit to service the Icetro / Jetice Slushie Machines


This kit includes the following items;


1 x 12L Bowl

1 x Auger Spiral

1 x Drip Tray Complete

1 x Gearbox

1 x Fan Motor

1 x Switch - Main Power Green

1 x Microswitch

2 x Solenoid Coil

2 x Haynes Lubri-Film Lube

3 x Tap Handle

3 x Tap Spring

3 x Tap Pin

3 x Tap Piston / Plunger

3 x Tap O ring

3 x Tap Bottom Seal

3 x Auger Seal (Packing Cushion)

3 x Drainpipe Silicon

3 x Drainage Outlet

3 x Shaft Bushing Red (Outer)

3 x Shaft Bushing White (Middle)

3 x Shaft Bushing Brown (Inner)

3 x Shaft E Circlip

3 x Light Globe

3 x Tank Seal Rear


Total RRP Value $1138+gst


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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