Icetro / Jetice - Drip Tray Complete PreLoved

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Icetro / Jetice - Drip Tray Complete Black USED

This part may contain scratches, scuff marks or blemishes. 

Items may differ from images. Limited stock available.


The complete drip tray comprises of 2 parts, being the bottom tray and the grill/grate that sits on top of the tray.

This part is responsible for collecting excess dripping that occurs once product is dispensed from the tap. It also has a spot to allow the drainpipe to flow into it to hold excess condensation from the outside of the bowl.

Material: Hard Plastic

Colour: Black

Condition: Preloved


Parts to suit models such as: GL2012, SSM52, SSM180, SSM280, SSM420, ASM52, ASM180, ASM280, ASM420, Jet Ice Slush Machine, ICETRO

Parts Numbers: 336010700 + 317065601, IDTCB

SKU: 1911336011




(No reviews yet) Write a Review