Icetro / Jetice - Auger Spiral (Old Style)

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505 Grams
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Icetro / Jetice Auger Spiral - Older Style


We have limited stock of this auger, as the supplier have released a newer more efficient auger which has a double paddle at the front to assist in the mixing process, as well as having a double support arms down both sides for additional durability.

Once these sell, then only the newer style augers will be available.  


This auger shaves ice off of the silver drum to create the icy drink we know as a Slushie.


Auger / Spiral to suit Jet Ice (Korean) Slushie Machines


Material: Hard Plastic

Colour: White

Weight: 150g


Manufacturer Product Code: 326005200 

SKU: 1907326050


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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