Icetro - Auger Seal Version A (Shallow)

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Icetro / Jetice Auger Seal - Version A (Shallow)

As per images, this auger seal is suitable with the Jet Ice Inner Shaft Bushing Red

This part can also be purchased in a Complete Bushing Kit here


This piece sits inside the auger (spiral) and protects/seals the front section between the shaft and the auger.

Ultimately it stops unwanted liquid getting inside of the machine.

This part should be regularly lubricated to ensure longevity of machine while maintaining smooth operation.



Other names for this part are; 

Spiral Seal, Auger Seal, Suction Seal, Suction Cap, Suction Auger, Spiral Gasket, Auger Gasket, Bell Seal


Parts to suit models such as: GL2012, SSM52, SSM180, SSM280, SSM420, ASM52, ASM180, ASM280, ASM420, Jet Ice Slush Machine, ICETRO



Manufacturer Part Numbers: 303014900

SKU: 1904303014



(No reviews yet) Write a Review