GBG Shaft Complete GNW - Rectangle tip

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350 Grams
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GBG Shaft Complete for GNW with Brass Bushing - Rectangle tip

This part has been updated and has a Brass Bushing fixed to the end of the shaft where it connects to the gearbox.


Goes together with GNW Auger

It is the piece that connects the gear box to auger and allows its movement/rotation. 

Shaft diameter 12mm - with Rectangle tip/end.

Note: Please see photo and note the shaft end that turns the auger is only the middle third.

Should the shaft that you are after be only half cut out/semi-circle please check out this link.  GBG Shaft Complete GT - Semicircle tip


Manufacturer Part Number: SL310005686

Part Number in Exploded View: GT42N

SKU: 1707315686


Material: Stainless Steel with Brass bushing

Colour: Silver with Brass Colour Bushing



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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