Embraco Compressor EMT2117GK 220-240v

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Product Overview

Embraco Compressor EMT2117GK 220-240v


Used in Elmeco Slushie Machines plus more


General Data

Type:BRAZIL Hermetic reciprocating
Approved Refrigerants: R404A
Application: LBP
Evaporating Temperature Range: -40°C to -10°C
Voltage/Frequency: 220-240V 50Hz 1~
Displacement: 4.50cm3
Compressor Cooling: Static
Technology Type: On-Off
Expansion Device: Capillary Tube or Expansion Valve
Horse Power: 1/4 hp
Bore: 21 mm
Stroke: 13 mm
Oil Charge: 180ml 
Oil Type Configuration: ESTER
Oil Type Viscosity: ISO22
Weight: 7.76 kg
Motor Type: CSIR
Starting Torque: HST
Voltage working range at 50 Hz: 198-264V 
Maximum Motor Temperature: 130.00°C
Start Winding Resistance: 21.10Ω at 25°C
Run Winding Resistance: 14.40Ω at 25°C
Locked Rotor Amperage (LRA): 8.00A
Rated Load Amperage (RLA) at 50 Hz: 2.00A 
Maximum continuous current (MCC): 2.00A
CSR / CSIR Box: No 
Starting Device: Relay   MTRP-0015* 
Motor Protection: T0040/G6 
Start Capacitor: 43-53UF - 330V   2252347





(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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