Elmeco Slushie Machine Filter

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Product Overview

Elmeco Slushie Machine Filter 


This filter sits in front of the condenser and prevents it from getting blocked.

The filter will make it easier to maintain the machine as it can easily be taken out and washed before being replaced.

By preventing dust going into the machine, it will ensure the machine runs more efficiently.


If you don't use it, you will find in time that you will have to have your machine serviced off site.

Where the machine will have to be washed out so to remove the dust and dirt that will collect deep in the condensor.

By not cleaning your machine the dust and dirt will not only hold heat but will stop good air flow which makes your machine freeze the product.


Recommendation: Turn off machine for a short time while cleaning it to prevent dust going into the condensor.


Manufacturer Part number: A0002103.001


SKU: 1606210301

Dimensions: 250mm x 280mm

Colour: Charcoal

Material:  Special Filter Foam



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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