Elco No 1 Gear (Old) with Smaller 13mm bearings

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Elco No 1 Gear (Old) with Smaller bearings to suit older style gear motor


The Elco gear box is commonly used is the following machines;

GBG, Carpigiani, Sencotel, Arctic Dream, Stoelting, Elmeco Mach only, CAB, SPM and more...


Part number: SL3MS4M105A 

SKU: 3409001013

Position Number in Exploded Diagram: #1

Outer Plastic cog ø 42.5mm (80 teeth)

Inner  Plastic cog ø 16.75mm (20 teeth)

2 x Bearings  ø 13mm (top and bottom)


Often the rotor which has a thread on its shaft can strip the number 1 gear.

When this happens or you notice excessive wear on the teeth it is best to replace it.

The main reason this gear breaks or wears out is due the the wrong Brix level(Bad quality Slush mix or over freezing)

We always recommend 5-1 ratio mixes (Not cheaper 4-1 mixes)


Note: There have been 2 types of number 1 gears manufactured by Elco for these gear motors.

They are the same plastic cog but the old style one has 2 x 13mm bearings on either side, while the new motors have 19mm bearings.


For free advice regarding repairs and servicing your gear motor(gearbox) please don't hesitate to call us on 1300 175 874



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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