Elco No 1 Gear (New) with Large 19mm bearings

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Elco No 1 Gear New (#1 New) - to suit newer style gear motors with 19mm bearings



The Elco gear box is commonly used is the following machines;


GBG, Carpigiani, Sencotel, Arctic Dream, Stoelting, Elmeco Mach only, CAB, SPM and more...


Part number: SL330000162 

SKU: 3409001019

Position Number in Exploded Diagram: #1

Outer Plastic cog ø 42.5mm (80 teeth)

Inner  Plastic cog ø 16.75mm (20 teeth)

2 x Bearings  ø 19mm (top and bottom)


Often the rotor which has a thread on its shaft can strip the number 1 gear.

When this happens or you notice excessive wear on the teeth it is best to replace it.

Number Reference on 'Elco Gear Box Exploded' Diagram: Part no. 1

The main reason this gear breaks or wears out is due the the wrong Brix level(Bad quality slush mix or over freezing)

We always recommend 5-1 ratio mixes (Not cheaper 4-1 mixes)


Note: There have been 2 types of number 1 gears manufactured by Elco for these gear motors.

They are the same plastic cog but the old style one has 2 x 13mm bearings on either side, while the new motors have 2 x 19mm bearings.


For free advice regarding repairs and servicing your gear motor(gearbox) please don't hesitate to call us on 1300 175 874.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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