Elco Gear Box Rotor

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200 Grams
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Elco Gear Box Rotor

Comes accompanied with bearings

The Elco gear box is commonly used is the following machines; GBG, Carpigiani, Sencotel, Arctic Dream, Stoelting, Elmeco Mach model only, CAB, SPM and more...

The main reason this gear breaks or wears out is due the the wrong Brix level(Bad quality slush mix or over freezing)

We always recommend 5-1 ratio mixes (Not cheaper 4-1 mixes)

Also, if you Rotor and Stator is black or has signs of the product on it, ensure you replace the Shaft Bushings and make sure the auger seals are lubricated more regularly(and/or use more lube)


Position Number in Exploded Diagram:  7

Part number: EGB7

SKU: 3409007000



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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