Easycool Gear Box Reco (by Elco)

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FR10-40-33 215RECwC
2,200 Grams
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Product Overview

Easycool Reconditioned Gear Box

Made by Elco


Gear Box undergone complete sevicing and all gears relubricated and tested.


Condition: Reconditioned

Shaft Style: Short


Shaft Length Extruding from Casing (from Gear No 4): 25mm

Distance from Rear of casing to end of shaft: 70mm


To confirm size, measure from casing where shaft extrudes to the end of the shaft.


Want to save yourself some money?

Easy, just send in your old gear box* for a $50 cash back redemption upon return.

*Gearbox must be complete with all components (it doesnt necessarily have to be working).


NB: The images above are used as a representation of the item for sale and may slightly differ to the actual product.


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