Density Body with Indicator and Adjuster Screw (used)

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Density Body with Indicator and Adjuster Screw (used)


This is the density indicator and adjustment screw. It is used to control the thickness of the Slush.

Note this does not go by temperature but the resistance of the auger(spiral) as it shaves the ice off the evaporator(the silver barrel). The higher the indicator the softer the mix. We usually recommend it to be 3/4 of the way up. That is towards the top.

We always recommend a 5 to 1 mix are they are the best quality. The mix must be between 12-14% Brix level so not to damage the auger of gear motors. Never use water to test the machine in freeze mode.  


Manufacturer Part Numbers: SL3GS12037B SL300950073 SL300950079

SKU: 1720300950 

Material: Plastic with metal screw thread

Colour: Red



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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