Carpigiani Horeca 2FF Twin Bowl Slushie Machine with LED Light Box

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RRP: $4,750.00
Was: $4,500.00
Now: $3,500.00
(You save $1,250.00 )
55,000 Grams
$100.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

Carpigiani Horeca 2FF  LED Twin Slushie Machine - Fast Freeze Model


The latest style from Carpigiani Horeca

With all the best and latest features

Reliable and trusted European made machine

Stong Light Box, Tank and Tap Handles 

Very easy to clean and simple to use

Comes with Easy to use Laminated Guide and cleaning guide

Stainless steel panels 

Fast / Express freeze model

Heat sensor Button (Protects the Compressor from burn out due to overheating)

Easy to see and clean Metal Filter

Light Box can be either front or back direction with easy cable

Black Stain resistant auger




Capacity: 2 x 12L

Weight: 55kg

Height: 84cm

Width: 40cm

Depth: 48cm


Watts: 1000W



(No reviews yet) Write a Review