CAB Rear Tank Seal Black

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Product Overview

Black Rear Tank Seal to suit CAB Slushie Machine.

Commonly used on the CAB Skyline & FABY Slushie Machines.

Note: this also replaces the CAB White Rear Auger Seal

Great benefits of the Black Seal is it is more durable and less likely to stain. 

This seal is responsible in sealing the bowl against the evaporator (silver drum) which prevents machine leaking from the rear.

We recommend regular cleaning to ensure no leaks and longevity of the part. Always thoroughly clean on the rim of the evaporator especially in the lower hidden part.

Wet Rear Bowl Seal with water prior to reassembling the machine. 

Other names that this part is known by are; Bowl Gasket, Black Rubber Seal, Bowl Seal, Black Suction Seal, Rear Gasket, Tank Seal, Tank Gasket, Big Black Rubber Seal.


Manufacturer Part number: F019/N


Colour: Black

Material: Rubber



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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