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CAB Spa was founded in Italy in 1986. They started with their vertical Slush Machine. After some success they then moved onto drink dispensers and unveiled the CAB Luke Drink Machine which was released in 1990. A real turning point for CAB was in 1996 where they re branded themselves and found success with their new Faby Model Slush Machine. With the success of the CAB Faby Slushie Machine, 2 years later they released the drink machine version of this machine, being the FAST COLD Model. More recently, they have released an updated model of slushie machine called the CAB Skyline, this is an updated, neat looking machine.

Overtime CAB have proven that they are industry leaders with continual innovation as well as providing fantastic back up support for their product. The reliability of this Italian machinery is top quality and very reliable.

Below is a full range of products that we have on offer from CAB. If you require any further information about any of these machines please contact us on 1300 175 874.

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