CAB Caress 1

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25,000 Grams
$100.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

Caress is a machine with patented vertical movement system that allows the production and dispensing of products like slush, frappes, cream, yogurt, sherbets and cold desserts. The vertical stirrer allows perfect homogeneity of the product without foaming. Compact dimensions and low power consumption make Caress a unique machine in its category.



Exclusive vertical stirring system which allows you to obtain a denser and less frothy product.

Seal-less vertical movement system that avoids any possibility of infiltration of the product to the inside of the machine.

Electro-mechanical operation which makes the machine reliable at any temperature.

Best air circulation in the category thanks to the innovative design and the use of plastic panels.


Tap cleaned at every dispensing with the new self-cleaning system

Night-mode operation which allows storage of the product with very low energy consumption 

Easy to use, clean and maintain

Opportunity for aesthetic and technical customisation


Capacity: 1 x 5.5L 

Gas Refrigerant: R134a

Power: 250W

Machine Size (cm): 22 x 50 x 70

Machine Weight: 20kg


(No reviews yet) Write a Review