CAB Bushing inner Shaft Seal

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CAB Bushing inner Shaft Seal

Inner Shaft Bushing / Sealing Ring (O-Ring in Viton)


Used in conjunction with - CAB Bushing for Evaporator 19mm - F226


To suit Cab Faby and Cab Skyline Slushie Machines, as well as Easycool, Polycool and ASC machines.


If you are unsure of how old it is and it's condition, Change it!

It's a small part but extremely important to ensure no liquid gets into the inside of the machine.

It pulls out from the front, sometimes easier when the shaft is removed. Any concerns ring us for some tips.


Manufacturer Part number: F022/1

SKU: 1204022101


Colour: Black

Material: Viton with Inner Spring


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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