Brilliant UV Dye 60ml

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Brilliant UV Dye 60ml


Fluorescent UV Leak Detector for A/C and Refrigeration Systems

Provides safe, fast and precise detection of small Refrigerant Gas leaks from A/C and Refrigeration.


How it works?

When in the system the dye will fluoresce under illumination with a UV lamp wherever there is a refrigerant leak.



Precisely locate refrigerant gas leak


Visable to any UV Light

Ideal for preventative purposes

Will not clog A/C, Refrigeration or Recovery System


Manufacturer Part number:  ERR TR1068.E.J5

SKU: 5020106855

Size: 60ml

  Lubricant Brilliant HVAC&R
Up to  0.5 L / 17 FL. OZ. 7.5 ML  (1/4 FL. OZ.)
  1 L / 34 FL. OZ.  15 ML  (1/2 FL. OZ.)
  2 L / 68 FL. OZ.  30 ML  (1.0 FL. OZ.)
 4 L / 1.06 GAL.  60 ML  (2.0 FL. OZ.)







(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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