BRAS - FBM Lid Rectangle Decals - Set of 3

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BRAS Ugolini Lid - Decal 

BRAS Ugolini FBM Lid Rectangle Decals - Set of 3


1 pack contains: 3 labels - Tropical, Cola and Lime Decals

These decals are designed with a special lightbox material, this ensures the light shines through the decal to add to visual appeal.

They are splash resistant to ensure increased longevity.

To suit BRAS FBM Slushie Machine

Manufacturer Part Number:  10028-03772

SKU: 101210377

Colour: vibrant 

Dimensions (W x H) : 170mm x 80mm

Material: Special Light Box Material  

Also goes by the product number: 10028-03772 & 5050071



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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