Beer Slushies ..?

Posted by The Slushie Specialists on 4th Mar 2021

Would you? Could you? It's worth a try...

New trends have hit the market through brewers expressing their creativity in searching for the perfect balance of beer combined with slushies. A variety of styles are available including Fruit Beer Slushies, Frozen Beergaritas, Raspberry Peach IPA Slushies and more

A cool alternative to frozen classics cocktails like the daiquiri and piña colada, beer slushies are a refreshing spin on boozy ice-blended beverages. Beyond the endless flavour opportunities, it provides a touch of fizz (the blending beats out most of the carbonation) and a distinctive kick to your summer frozen cocktail repertoire.

Otters Promise White Mischief Beer Slushie

In Australia, there is a bar by the name of Otters Promise that have proven that the beer slushies tick the boxes and are a real winner, especially when the sun comes out. 

During a special promotional period they ran a signature concoction being the White Mischief Slushies. 

How mouth watering delicious is that? 

Meanwhile in the United States they have also been on a similar wave length, especially the Los Angeles Ale Works.

The Hawthorne-based brewery began churning out slushies since 2017, and over the years Kip Barnes (managing partner and brewer of Los Angeles Ale Work) has become a master of the craft. 

“It’s been a lot of research,” admits Barnes, who is well-versed in the challenge of freezing beer. “All of the hops that are in there that are in suspension with the yeast, they all just turn into super crazy bitterness.”

The key to beer slushie success, according to Barnes, is finding a way to balance that bitter bite with added sweetness and acidity. He takes advantage of the brewery’s wide-ranging tap list which covers the spectrum from light to dark, matching each beer’s unique flavour profile with a variety of ingredients including locally sourced fresh fruit, agave syrup, and cold brew coffee.

Los Angeles Ale Works Beer Slushie

Barnes, who initially blended his slushies with a Vitamix one small batch at a time, was compelled to purchase a full-fledged slushie machine for the brewery in order to keep up with demand which continues to build thanks to Instagram (the beverages are particularly photogenic) and good old-fashioned word of mouth.

While Barnes tends to favour Berliner Weisse, which is low in hops and high in acidity, as the anchor to his slushies, he’s also found success working with beers that are more hop-forward. One of his signature blends is a chilli mango slushie (inspired by the popular Mexican candy combo) featuring Meseeks Joose, the brewery’s celebrated hazy double IPA. The result is a tropical umami explosion of sweet, sour, spicy, and bitter refreshment that offers the perfect antidote to the summer heat.

The beer world has seen plenty of fads come and go but Barnes is convinced that the slushie is here to stay. “If it was just a gimmick I’d probably just do it once at a party and that would be it,” he says. “But because they’re so good and people like them so much, they do come back.”

As for the beer purists who scoff at a frozen beer mug, let alone frozen beer, Barnes isn’t concerned. “Things like [the slushie] bring a whole new demographic into beer,” he says. “There are so many different beer drinkers out there and it’s fun to try beers in different ways.”

Want more Beer Slushies or Beer Cocktails? Here are some further variations

Tired of the same old frozen margarita? Just bring beer to the mix. I know this sounds crazy, just hear us out, you can turn the classic frozen margarita cocktail into the innovative Frozen Beergarita. This hopped-up version of the South of the Border standard uses Mexican lager for added frothiness. Check out the signature recipe for the Frozen Beergarita here

Jackie Dodd (from The Beeroness) bridges the gap between slushie and shake. Instead of ice, she uses raspberry sorbet for the drink’s frozen anchor to pair with fresh peach for a tried and true fruity combo. Along with a full serving of IPA, a shot of either gold tequila or dark rum is tossed in for added oomph. You can find the full recipe of this Raspberry Peach IPA Slushie here

Credit to Otters Promise, David Klein and Chowhound, Los Angeles Ale Works, Beeroness and Muy Bueno

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