Auger Spiral GNW

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GNW Auger Spiral


The Auger ONLY suits the GNW model machines with the Push/Pull Handles.

Note: Tip of Shaft is different to the standard Pull Handle models. See pictures.

Goes together with GNW Shaft


Also, used on models such as some of the Sencotel Spin or GBG Granisun with the Push/Pull Handles.

Note: The auger is different in length from the usual GBG/Sencotel Auger and cannot be interchanged. The fitting that it slides onto the shaft is different too.

Please see photo and note the shaft end that turns the auger is only the middle third.


The Auger Spiral is used to shave the ice off the evaporator (silver drum) as it rotates.


Manufacturer Part number: SL320003441 SL310004314 

SKU: 1707310314


Colour: White

Material: Plastic

Weight: 300g 


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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