Anvil Aire Agitator Motor New Gen

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Anvil Aire Drink Dispenser Agitator Motor - New Gen


This newer style motor is to suit the Anvil Aire Juice Dispenser models from 2019 onwards.

This agitator motor is responsible for driving the paddle on the newer style Anvil Air Juice Machine, it comes complete with square silver drive motor, the triangular shaped bracket, and the protruding housing to connect to the shaft.


Suitable for Anvil Air Models: JDA2001 and JDA2002 (the upgraded version of JDA0002) Models from 2019


These machines are made in China.


Part Number: XJDA2003

SKU: 9660900162


Markings on Motor: SL42STH40-0404MA

It has an flat line 6 pin socket connected to the body of the silver motor.


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