626 Bearing Cap

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626 Bearing Cap to suit 19mm Bearing


Bearing Covers / Bearing Caps 

Bearing Caps / Covers are often used in Gear motors / Gearboxes to stabilize the bearings and to reduce the noise / vibrations.
These sizes are used in the Elco Gear boxes commonly found in Slushie Machines. 
Italian Slushy manufacturers like Carpigiani, GBG, Sencotel, Arctic Dream, SPM, CAB Faby and CAB Skyline.  
Kenta Gear motors often use two(2)  626 Bearing Cover to suit the 19mm bearings
Whenever servicing Gear motors / Gearboxes it is always recommended to replace the bearings and bearing covers.
This ensures longevity and less chances of the motor ceasing in the near future.
It is usually a small price to pay and will make your motor run smoother and quieter.
Removal of old grease is recommended ensuring any particles, dried grease or broken cogs are removed.
Also, we recommend only using a high temperature / performance grease. (never too much or too little)
Part number: BC626
SKU: 5009220626
Size: to suit 19mm bearing 626
Elco: 2 required to fit 626 bearings on the stem of the rotor
Material: Black Nitril Rubber


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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